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Acaiberry Powder

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A gift from Amazon for Human that guaranteed by God 
"Tabom Acaiberry from Amazon"!    
Manufactured by AMAZON POLPAS in Brazil    
Supplied by Amazon International Corp., Korea    
(For Korean Local market & Overseas Market)    

To whom  Tabom Acaiberry particularly recommendable 



Who are feel the scarcity of Vitamin  


The aged & Infantry especially being in the weak physical condition.  

Especially for whom want to recover and enforce the eye sight and to be freee from the fatigue of eyes. 

To support the general nutrition for the pregnant   
The hard worker especially for the hard mental worker   
The people who need mental concentration such as student and researcher 
The people who need the nutrition because of exhaust by hard physical exercise. 
(sports men & women)      
The people who are now and to be on the diet.   
*Brief Introduction Amazon International Corp., Korea  
As the exclusive supplier of 'Tabom Acaiberry'.   
Amazon International Corp. having his HQ in Korea and branch in Brazil 
makes tech. cooperation with outstanding manufacturer of Acaibery  
in Brazil named 'POLPAS' who are specialized in Acaiberry processing and  
manufacturing all kinds of product related including powder.  
It is gathed as the wild and pure as it is from Amazon jungle and   
process them right there as the dried condition and make it into powder  
for the better effect and long preservation.    
This dried type of Acaiberry has more better effect compare to that of  
refrized powder.(Most of Acaiberry powder in USA is refrized type.) 
Amazon International Corp. directly import this powder and process it 
in Korea and supply it exclusively to Korean client by way of B to C base. 
It makes it possible for client to keep touch with Acaiberry as for the 
better priced, more speedy and better condition(quality) of Acaiberry. 
We exclude the wholesaler in the market and client could get Acaiberry   
more easily with the attractive price.